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Enjoying The Season That You're In

for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Palm trees, sun, sand and ocean with me walking in long maxi dress, locs piled on top of my head and a coconut with a straw in hand, that is my dream goal reality but my current realistic reality couldn't appear to be further from it. We all have an expected end that we see for ourselves and plan to get there but there are times when the path to paradise may seem like it's taking you through the mountains. YAH has a perfect plan and expected end for us as well, Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that; however he may take us through the rivers, valleys and dry lands to get there.

Take me for instance, I quit my corporate job six months ago and just started working again a few weeks ago. During the six months that I was not working a standard job everyday, I rested and recuperated from the once long and harsh work environment that I was in. I also started focusing more on my passions and dreams of writing and learning more about my ancestral roots and history. I enjoyed every second of it because not only did YAH provide abundantly for me to be able to do so, but he taught me how to slow down and enjoy life. Oftentimes, thanks to the "big-business" corporate society that we live in that constantly promotes the message of greed, exhaustion and forced efforts as the key to success, we can become side tracked with their enticing marketing and fall prey to "their" plan for success, not realizing that if you get there, you will oftentimes be very tired, exhausted and lonely from all of the sleepless nights and meaningful relationships you sacrificed for those who you thought could better help you.

I am not against hard work because faith alone with out works or action is dead; but sometimes, we allow ourselves to be fooled into thinking that the grind and hustle method is the only way to have your needs met. The problem with that method for me is that you leave no room for Godly provision. Take the Israelites for example, after they had left Egypt and entered into the wilderness, they did not work or trade but yet instill they had all that they needed and more. YAH gave them manna and quail to eat and none of their clothes became ragged or tattered. We know that they were ungrateful and complained, but let's leave that for another post! The point is, that when you allow Elohim to lead you, you do not have to worry about struggle, hardship or feeling like it's all on you in order to achieve and reach what He has for you. If He said it, shall He not do it? He that has begun a good work in you will perform it unto the day of Jesus Christ (Yeshua). He will watch over that thing to make that it comes to past! But that is only when we are doing what YAH told us to do. When we hustle we are in our own efforts, when we wait and listen to the voice of YAH, we are in divine efforts. We can move like Joseph and Daniel straight to the King's palace because of our gift and willingness to wait for our appointed time.

That brings me back to the topic, enjoying the season that you are in. When you're waiting on Elohim, don't complain or try to find a way to hustle yourself out whatever season He may have you in. Be patient and prayerful, asking what is it that He wants you to learn from this season? Like I said earlier, I am back working again but in a completely different field than before and a completely different role and element. Is it my final stop? No! Do I still desire to live in paradise and teach our young kiddos about the importance of who we are? Absolutely! Starting this job meant me having to make a shift in my mind. Although it's not my end, it's certainly not an unbearable place to be in right now. I am learning what I can from this role and already making a huge impression in my role by bringing my level of excellence and Godly spirit.

In closing, if you find yourself in a place in life that you may not want to be in, don't do like I used to do which is get an attitude and complain and pout the whole time through like our ancestors the Israelites also did, that doesn't change the situation. Ask yourself, why am I here, what can I learn and more importantly, what can I contribute? Has YAH provided for you while you're there? Are your needs met? Are you still allotted time to work on your end goal while being in this season? If you've answered a loud and clear YES to all of those questions then what are you bothered for? When you change your attitude and start enjoying every different season that you're in, you'll realize that the seasons will start to change quicker for you. Don't focus so much on the fact that this isn't where you want to be, but more so on this is where I am and I am going to enjoy it while I keep working towards my end goal! Enjoy the season(s) that YAH brings you through and learn from them. The Israelites turned an eleven day journey into forty years, don't do that to yourself. Remember, attitude makes you stuck, but gratitude makes you move.

Shalom & Blessings,


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