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I Don't Serve Your Emotions

Shabbat Shalom, Happy Sabbath to all! I am writing this post because recently I met and had the privilege of speaking to two beautiful Hebrew sisters who, through the leading of the Ruach Haqodesh (Holy Spirit) reached out to me after viewing some of my content on my YouTube channel (@HebrewGyalJo!). The beauty of righteousness that exuded from them was amazing and something truly to be desired. One of the many things that we discussed in our 2 hours together was a recent video post that I had made the day before where I discussed my frustrations with some of the things I have began to notice within the Hebrews I've witnessed.

Lately, my spirit has been grieved as I look across social media and witness other fellow Hebrews. If what I am about to say doesn't apply to you, than simply pray for those whom it does. I have noticed what seems to be like a trend among some Hebrews where they are more so practicing instead of living. I see a lot of Hebrews fighting against one another looking to prove one another wrong in who knows what or more, who is more "righteous" in how they keep the Shabbat or how they wear their fringes and it quite frankly annoys me.

Our 'job' as Hebrew Israelites, Erhvehs, Ivrits or Ibris is not to be like the Pharisees, where everything is for show. We only do things so that others can see us and give us praise. We spend our time posting social media content that only serves as a way to shame others into or out of whatever it is we feel they should or shouldn't be doing, all the while not really being an example for others to see. We want the praise from mankind but not from the Most High. The scripture says with love and kindness have I drawn thee but most of our people today are not drawing anyone. Our method is shaming and guilting one another, which is nothing more than a selfish and arrogant 'self-righteous' spirit that the Father is not pleased with by any means.

Think about our ancestors, what made the strangers that cleaved unto them want to come into the camp? What drew them? It certainly was not our people shaming them into repentance; into a chance at salvation through the Most High. It was through the obedience of our ancestors that provoked or invoked the promises of the covenant made with the Father upon our lives. The strangers and gentiles alike saw the mighty hand of YAH on our lives because we spent our time praying, fasting, worshiping and being obedient to His Laws Statues and Commandments. When was the last time you prayed? When was the last time you removed yourself from worldly social media to seek the Father? Not because someone would see you and marvel but because you simply wanted more of Him?

My dear sisters told me that they find themselves praying 7-8 times a day, how many of us can say that? We spend 7-8 hours online a day and then give the Father the last 30 minutes we have before falling asleep at night. This is a message/rebuke for all, myself included because I know that we all have things that we need to improve. I contemplate leaving social media almost everyday but I have not because the posts that I do make, I usually try to make sure that they are edifying and are able to help someone see the error in their way(s) and lead them to repentance. That is my SOLE PURPOSE for social media, because otherwise it is a bunch of mess that seeks to pollutes my spirit.

While speaking to my sisters, they encouraged me to remove the timidity from my life when crying aloud and sparing not for the Most High. My timidity came from me not wanting to say something that would offend and cause a person to harden their heart, but then I realized that if I am speaking the truth and they harden their hearts to that, that isn't my problem. That person doesn't want to hear the truth but rather has itching ears to hear what they want to hear. My sisters reminded me in so many words, that I do not serve man's emotions but the Most High. I have a fear for the Most High which makes me bold in proclaiming His truth. I pray the same for all those who reads this.

Shalom & Blessings,

Yahanna (Joanna)

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