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Where Are the True Israelites?

This post is just simply me putting my HONEST words, thoughts and feelings onto 'paper' so to speak and no, I am not using my image as a representation of 'true' Israelites, in case anyone thought that I was trying to be smug or 'uppity.' Its the best picture I had of an Israelite women that I could find and use without any copyright or royalty issues. This post may come off or across more as a poem or in a poetic flow because I am not really 'preaching' to anyone in particular, I am just asking myself a question. So, lets begin.

Lately, I have been so disgusted when looking around at the so-called 'Israelite Movement' or 'Hebrew Awakening.' I was so excited when I started to realize who I was through the Most High's leading because I had been looking for (wondering about) my culture and history for quite a few years before I 'stumbled' upon this truth; about 4 years or so to be exact. I was always the type of person that longed to be around people that 'were like me,' that 'thought like me,' and 'got it' (whatever "it" was) like me.

Growing up, I was always the girl that did her own thing, had her own mind and opinion(s), didn't get caught up in stuff because of peer pressure etc. I was different to say the least. I wasn't sneaking out the house, chasing after boys, getting pregnant/having sex, doing drugs, listening to or loving music that was just plain silly with stupid lyrics talking about getting high or partying all of the time. I was the girl that didn't give her parents any trouble, if they said 'go straight to "A" and come right back,' I wasn't trying to stretch in a stop to B,C&D. I always had friends but I was never swayed by society, so quite naturally, I stood out but I was ok with that.

As an adult, that same pattern followed me. I remained the same and although I had friends, they always seemed to leave my life after a season or two. I constantly dealt with jealously and envy from friends (most likely every friend I've had in my adult life, possibly as a kid to but maybe not), and family members the like. I was never bothered by jealousy because I always thought and still do believe that jealousy is a stupid man's disease. There is never any reason to be jealous of anyone or thing because, 'I can have what they have' if I desire it and it is for me; that was and still is my motto and mentality.

I preface the title of this article with that long backstory because like in school, college and adulthood, I still see the same pattern following me. I am so very different to/from (most of) those around me. Some will probably get mad and take offense to me saying that, but I honestly and truly don't care anymore because this is my truth from my experience. As I stated in the beginning paragraphs, I am so disgusted with the so-called 'Israelite Movement' or 'Hebrew Awakening' and here's why. From where I sit, I have had a hard time finding people who are talking about the truth and need to return to YAH and His Torah while emphasizing returning to YAH and His Torah. What I mean is that it seems more like people are using this so-called Movement, which is really the hand of YAH moving and His prophecy coming to pass, as a way to 'glorify their blackness' and/or a way to 'capitalize, market and make a profit.'

It seems like almost every time I turn around, there is someone posting or talking about 'being black.' Yes, the Israelites were and are black skinned but that point has been proven countless times again and again. Why is that still a harping point when the world knows that the 'original jews' were and are black? Say that the jews in Israel now were black skin also? What would you say then? What you be the harping point then? It's time to graduate from the rudimentary, entry level points once YAH grows us. Or is YAH growing us? Move on to talk about establishing a relationship with YAH; knowing Him AND having Him know you! I know Michael Jordan but trust me, Michael Jordan doesn't know me. See my point?

The other thing is the selling of the truth. I am not saying that using your talents to earn an income is wrong, but it seems like so many people are constantly trying to create content whether it be a book, speaking events or clothes etc. just for the sake of making money, having food to eat. In my time creating videos and making posts about what YAH gives me to share, I have never once asked anyone for any money. The one time that I had a Paypal donation link was when YAH instructed me to put it up, and when I did, a week later someone came to me about donating; I have only had 2 donations from the same person in year and a half to two years that I've been making videos on YouTube. I took my donation link down when I was lead to by the Ruach Haqodesh.

My point is that YAH is my source. He said in Matthew 6, take no thought what you will eat or drink, for these are the things that the Gentiles seek after, your Heavenly Father knows you have need of these ye first the Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. I live by that scripture. I left my job in 2017 and haven't been back to work since. I don't ask for or receive any donations or money from anyone and I have not had anything disconnected or been foreclosed on my house. YAH is truly my source. I am in the process of publishing two books but that is only because of the leading of the Ruach Haqodesh, not for fear or need of making a profit. One book has been finished for nearly a year and I am just now working to publish it. I move when YAH says move. I understand that some people may get mad at me, I am used to it and almost expect it but if the shoe doesn't fit then simply move on. If it does fit, then I encourage you to not get mad but to re-evaluate your heart and motives and get them in alignment with YAH. Live by the Word, be the true Israelite that cuts no corners like Shem, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Joel, Paul, the Messiah YAHAWAH'SHI just to name a few. Truly live by the 'miracles' and supernatural hand of YAH. Align your spirit and your faith so that He can perform for you just like He did for them.

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