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Get Yourself to That Point

Hebrews 11 KJV- "The Hall of Faith"

Sometimes we may find ourselves feeling stuck, lost in translation or in transition when following the Most High. We can be doing everything that we know to do that is right from keeping the Sabbath, wearing fringes and abstaining from unclean foods to name a few, but you somehow still end up feeling like you have no purpose or you do have a purpose but you are miles away from it with no clue on how to get to it. You can look around and see others who may be younger than you or others who are "newer to the truth" than you and they seemingly seem to be doing better than you; they have hit the accelerator pedal and have blown right by you. You can have all of the right ideas, feelings and inspirations about what you want to do for and in the Kingdom but still have trouble narrowing it down, pulling it in to be able to really recognize exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing. I've seen this happen before and I know the feeling, but the question is what do you do about it?

Well, from my experience I have noticed that this usually tends to happen when one is living in two worlds. What I mean by that is that, we can be living for the Most High as diligently and best as we know how but still not be committed to or "sold-out" if you will to Him. We may pray, "Ahba (Father), I want to do your will. I feel you leading me to another country or small village or community to minister to the youth there, or the hungry or the widows there," but right after that, our minds immediately go to the thoughts of provision, money, expenses, travel, jobs, family etc. and that inspiration, motivation or better yet, "seed" you had now becomes choked away by the cares of this life. Those are all valid and logical thoughts and concerns but remember the Father told us to take no thought for what ye shall eat, drink or wear for the Father knows you have need of these things before you even ask (Matt. 6:31-32 KJV). He also said no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11 KJV). Those who take thought and fear lack of provision He says to them, O Ye of little faith (Matt. 6:31). If you find yourself in this situation, you may be asking how do I grow my faith?

Believe it our not, having faith is the easy part, for every man is dealt a measure of faith (Romans 12:3 KJV) but growing your faith is the tricky or let's say uncomfortable part. If you've always received a paycheck every two weeks at the end of the pay period for 40 hours of work then I doubt that you will need much faith to trust that the Most High can and will provide for you. But what happens when you loose that job? Or, when you are called off of it? In order to grow your faith, you must be willing to walk on the water with the Messiah. In order to become un-stuck and accelerate to the next level, you must be willing to do the uncomfortable, the unimaginable, the un-explainable in order to grow your faith. Think of Noah building an Ark when all those around him were steady drinking and fornicating and took no heed to the oncoming flood. Think of Moses leading a multitude of disobedient Israelites after being raised as an Egyptian and having a speech impediment prohibiting him from wanting to speak for the Most High (Exodus 4:10-11 KJV). Think of Elijah facing over 400 evil prophets of Ahab and feeling like he was the only righteous man left. Think of the Israelites slaying giants when they were seemingly grasshoppers, just to seize the Promise Land. Think of Abraham leaving his tribe to go to a place he'd never been before and knew nothing of, having a son at the 'tender' age of 100 and then willing to sacrifice him?

In order to grow your faith, you must completely abandon your old man, your old way of thinking and any other world, system or structure that opposes the Most High's way of doing things -- for His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are His ways our ways. You must become completely reliant on the Most High even when you find yourself in a situation that hasn't yet been tested and proved by you. This is that radical faith that comes from having an experience with the Father that you've never had before. Taking a step outside of your comfort zone; being on the backside of the mountain with Him. You must be willing to believe Ahba YAH, can and will do something for you that you may have never seen him do before in your life or in another's. But, you've got to first get yourself to that point. The Most High can't do it for you. You must have a desire and a yearning to know Him like never before. A willingness to forsake any and everything, or everyone that is not like Him.

A strong want to go deeper in Him to be able to believe like Noah, that a flood was coming to drown all of the unrighteous. To believe like Sarah and Abraham that they would have a child at 100 & 99 years old and then become the father of many nations; having your seed not be able to be counted or measured. To believe like Mary that you will not only become pregnant as a virgin, never knowing any man but then giving birth to the Messiah, the Holy One of Israel, the Redeemer of His people. To believe that as an Israelite, though your enemies may rise, they will flee before you seven ways. To get to this point you must totally forsake the 'comfortable.' Be willing to jump off of the "faith" cliff and go full force in the Most High. Become totally committed to Him so much so that the cares of this life, the way that this world works and believes that things are supposed to be done are no longer a benchmark for you and your faith. This is the only way to experience the Most High's hand in your life to see the Seas parted, the dead raised and the blind eyes opened. Forsake the old way of doing things, push yourself in Him and get yourself to that point.

Shalawam Wa Barakahyam

(Peace & Blessings)


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