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Fear: Get Rid Of It

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely hate fear. It's the one thing that gets served relentlessly, praised continuously, and worshiped religiously. Fear has tried to take so much from me. It has taken most everything from people around me that I watched from a child well into my adulthood. But perhaps "taken" isn't the correct word. Actually "given" is the appropriate one. Fear is just like carbon monoxide but worst. Both are silent killers. Neither of them can you see, smell or taste but what makes fear worse is that carbon monoxide actually exists.

I am quite sure that anyone reading this post has heard of the acronym for F.E.A.R : False Evidence Appearing Real. That's right. There is absolutely nothing real about fear other than the energy that you give it. It's nothing to be respected yet so many people make it a king in their lives. Fear feeds and thrives off of the energy you give it. You can actually create its satanic presence in your life. You give it space and room to dwell. Whatever fear has taken it's because you have given it over to it.

Fear is the complete opposite of faith but it works the exact same way. Faith (with works) attracts the promises of God into our lives, it brings answers to our prayers. Fear attracts the things that you are afraid of and oftentimes makes things that would never happen a reality. On the tree of faith there is peace, love, boldness, trust, answered prayers, miracles, healing and rest. On the tree of fear, there is doubt, worry, paranoia, paralysis, anger, delay, hesitation, no peace, no rest, no trust, no productivity, no results and so much more.

The Book of the Covenant (Bible) says that our heavenly Father has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV). When you operate in fear, you do not operate in the things that our Father has given to us. When people are afraid, they lose love, power and a sound mind. When someone is confronted with something they are afraid of, they typically go into a fight mode. Creating drama, starting fights, becoming defensive, being easily offended and often offending others. That's the absence of love; anger, guilt, fighting. When people are confronted with fear they oftentimes become very timid. They back down, hide away, retreat, give in. That's the absence of power; timidity, shyness or fear of vulnerability, mistrusting. And lastly, when someone is confronted with something that they really fear they become irrational, afraid, in some cases erratic, cloudy judgement, incompetent. That's the absence of a sound mind. Not being able to think straight or make a sound solid decision. Moving fast and making mistakes, missing the little details.

It's not by chance that the Father said that He hasn't given of the spirit of fear, being full of anger, defensiveness, timidity, retreating, backing out or away, mistrusting, having cloudy judgement, irrational, erratic or incompetent behaviors. But rather He said that He has given us a spirit of Love, Power and a Sound Mind, which is walking and operating in peace, boldness, directness, authority, clear and sound judgement, wisdom, excellent decision making, competent and capable, clear mind, proactive, accomplished and accomplishing goals and desires, obtaining the promises of YAH.

I hate fear because I have watched it take from people that I love. It has robbed people of the lives they deserve, the life that sits right in front of them if they would just step out and grab it. I have watched people sit and wait on things for 40+ years (longer than I've been alive right now!) all because they were claiming to be waiting on the Lord all while He was really waiting on them. The thing that you want is right where you are. All you have to do is be bold enough to receive. There were many things that I was afraid of, with big fuzzy spiders being at the top of the list; however, because I chose to trust in the Father I have been rewarded with so much more in my life. In 2014, I chose to trust the Father while sitting in a church service hearing the prayer of benediction when He told me to "me seek out the property." At that time, I was 26 and had never lived on my own by means of paying rent. I was believing Him for an apartment but He told me to look for a house. I was terrified but I immediately changed my energy and said yes Lord, if you tell me to do this then you are going to provide for me. I closed and moved into my house (with absolutely no down payment and only $700 in due diligence money) in less than three months from that night that He spoke to me and I never missed a payment, had a foreclosure notice nor anything disconnected in my home for the time I lived there, by myself as a single working class black woman. In 2019, I trusted the Father again when He told me it was time to sell that very same home of 5 years and move forward into the next phase of life. Guys, I had nowhere else to go. My plan was to take my considerable amount of proceeds and begin my life on the African continent at that time.

I wanted to go to Egypt and live in Tanzania for three months. I actually did all of those things except live in Tanzania for three months, it was actually 15 days because the Most High showed me that TZ wasn't where He wanted me to be. But I was able to do those things because I trusted in the Father. I was able to go to Israel, Egypt, Madagascar and Tanzania, not to mention all of the other countless countries and cities that I flew into like Kenya, Qatar, London, Paris and Italy. I flew over the beautiful grassland plains of Ireland, the gorgeous islands of Greece and Cyprus and the amazing sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. All visible from my window seat on the plane. I saw and entered the Pyramids of Giza, I ate freshly grown food, saw leeks the size of my entire leg and witnessed the preached Word of God going forth in an Arusha TZ marketplace as the woman that sold me my papaya had her Bible on her lap opened to Isaiah 53.

I stepped foot in our Promised Land and saw the sprawling hills and mountains that Abraham and Moses saw, the only difference is that I made it to the Promised Land before Moses! Wild! I was afforded an opportunity to add to the already many countries that the Most High has allowed me to visit and really take in some amazing views, unbelievable experiences and meet some truly beautiful people. I did all of this alone. Partially because the Most High told me that He would be with me and partially because others that I invited let fear among other reasons dictate their decision. But let me also point out that I did all of these wonderful things, while being absolutely terrified. In my state of fleshly fear, my spirit had peace because I knew in Whom I was believing and Who I was following. I said YES to the Father without knowing any details of the matter. There have been things that He has showed me through prayer, visions, and dreams that I said YES to only and all because of the source from whence it was coming from, Ahba YAHAWAH!

Telling yourself that you will do something once you aren't afraid anymore is a false reality in my book. It will never happen because when you say you really trust the Father, He will always, 9/10 times, more than likely tell you to do the thing that you are afraid of because it causes you to kill the flesh and the fear, and teaches you how to walk with Him and trust Him. Following the Father will always challenge you and your flesh. Abraham left his father to go to a place that not only had he not seen but he also did not know where or what it was. He waited patiently for 25 years for a child he was promised. Elijah was afraid to go back to the face Ahab and the 850 prophets of Ba'al after three years but YAH said He was with him so he went and it was from that act of faith and trust that read about that infamous and miraculous display of power by the hand of YAHAWAH on Mount Carmel.

This is just a small snippet of my life and how trusting YAHAWAH has paid off for me. There is still so much more in life for me to receive and I will. The same is waiting for you, just trust and believe, have faith and move!

Fear is trash, so get rid of it.




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Apr 01, 2023
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Very good

Joanna Jones
Joanna Jones
Jun 22, 2023
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Thawadah (thank you). To YAHAWAH be the glory 🤲🏾🙌🏾

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