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Sometimes, Lazarus has to Die

In the story of Lazarus, you read that Lazarus had fallen sick and his two sisters; Mary and Martha, sent word unto YAHAWASHI the Messiah that he had fallen ill and they wanted Him to come and deliver him from the illness that had gripped him. When YAHAWASHI got word of Lazarus' condition He said, "The sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God (YAH), that the Son of God (YAH) might be glorified thereby."

This statement is power-packed but lets just deal with the first half for now. YAHAWASHI said that the sickness is not unto death. Stop right there. For those of us who know the story, you can see how that immediately poses a problem because we know that Lazarus indeed died. Reading through this on this side of the story, it immediately challenges our faith to hear the Messiah say that the sickness is not unto death but yet instill Lazarus died!? How does this make sense? Did the Messiah lie? Of course not.

Even after the Messiah heard that Lazarus was sick, He tarried yet two more days in the town that He was in ( John 11:6 KJV). After those days, He said to His disciples that it was time to go back to Judaea. His disciples feared going back to Judaea as the Israelites there sought to stone YAHAWASHI but YAHAWASHI knew it was time to go back because He knew that Lazarus was dead. He said that he was asleep but he had actually given up the ghost. Can you imagine how Mary and Martha felt after receiving the Word, the Promise that their brother would not die and yet just 2 days later he indeed died? I know that I would have felt confused and probably questioned everything. How is it that you can tell me that he would not die but just two days later he's in the grave? Buried. And to think that if the Master had of been there, this would not have happened. I can only imagine.

But even in all of this, it was necessary for Lazarus to die. Remember the scripture says, "The sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God (YAH), that the Son of God (YAH) might be glorified thereby." Lazarus' death was on purpose so that he could display the glory of the Son. YAHAWASHI purposely and perfectly timed His arrival to be after Lazarus had already died and been buried. He purposefully waited until 4 days after Lazarus had been dead and in the grave because He knew that He would raise him again. Crime scene investigators will tell you that between 24-72 hours after death, internal organs began to decompose and the body begins to emit strong and pungent odors. Between 3-5 days after death, the organs continue to decompose, bodily fluids began to leak out of openings such as nose or mouth and the skin begins to turn a green-ish color. Martha said to YAHAWASHI in John 11:39 KJV after He had told her to roll away the stone at the head of Lazarus' grave that it had been 4 days past now and that by this time his body would have begun to stink. The Master's reply to her was, "Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God (YAH)?"

It was needful for Lazarus to die because had he not, Martha, Mary and all who were present that day at his grave would not have seen the glory of YAH nor fully believed that He was sent unto Israel by the Father, the Supreme deity spirit form of Himself ( John 1:14 KJV) to redeem them/us and to give us power to the same works that He did and more. If he hadn't died, we wouldn't have these stories to read and build our faith upon. One thing I learned over 2020 and still am learning is that the Most High moves on His own timing. If He had come when Martha and Mary had sent word for Him to come, we wouldn't have this story, they wouldn't have seen their dead brother raised back to life right before their own eyes and the Son of YAH would not have been glorified in this situation.

Sometimes there are things and areas in your life where you are praying and asking and believing the Father to fix and work out for you but it seems like its been a long time, perhaps even past the expected or desired "due date" but know that the Most High hears the prayers of the righteous and our prayers are answered as soon as we pray them. Remember the angel of YAH spoke to Daniel after three weeks of fasting and said unto him, "... from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard and I am come for thy words." Sometimes there are spiritual adversaries that will hold up our blessings and answered prayers (Daniel 10:13 KJV) and then its' just that sometimes Lazarus has to die.

If we only learn and expect the Most High to move in our timing, we will miss seeing and allowing the Father to be glorified in our situation. There is no problem too hard for Him to do and all things are possible to them that believe. Lazarus being dead 4 days -- stinking, rotting, leaking body fluids, turning colors -- was light work for Him (John 11:15 KJV). He purposely waited until it was deemed "too late" to heal him. He purposefully and perfectly timed His coming so that He might be glorified and that your strength and faith in Him might be renewed.

He hears our prayers and He's attentive unto our cry. John 11:33 says that when YAHAWASHI saw Mary weeping at His feet that He groaned in His Spirit and was troubled. He feels our pain and He's not a God that will cause us to suffer in vain nor cause us to suffer with a reward. If it looks like the time is up don't fear because He's just waiting for Lazarus to die just so that He can do the impossible in your life that you may believe and that He will be glorified. Stand on His word, believe in Him and trust in His perfect will and timing. He shall deliver the righteous and make good His word unto you!




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