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Where is the Wilderness for the Israelites due of the Tribulation - Joanna Elisabeth Jones
Where Is The Wilderness for The Israelites During the Time of The Tribulation?

Scripture and prophecy both tell us that there is an end time tribulation or trouble that is set to breakforth on the Earth during the last days and the reign of the Anti-Christ, but the righteous remnant of Israel will be delivered as confirmed in Jeremiah 30:7 KJV.

During that day; which is rapidly progressing upon us currently, the Most High said that He would save us out of it; but how? By bringing us to His prepared place as prophesied in Revelation 12:6 KJV. But where is this place?

In this book, we will discuss where I believe this special place is according to the scriptures.


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International Travel Tips 4 Israelites e
International Travel Tips for Israelites: Israel, Egypt, Madagascar & Tanzania

Ever wondered about traveling Internationally? Particularly to the African Continent but not sure where to begin or what to do? If so, then this book is a must for you! From August to December of 2019, the Most High blessed me to be able to travel to the African continent multiple times and fly into several different countries. 


n September 2020, I held a Zoom Virtual workshop with Onleilove Alston (Prophetic Whirlwind) entitled “Lek Leka! Go! International Travel Tips 4 Israelites.” During this workshop, she and I shared our different tips for traveling internationally; particularly to the African Continent, including tips on passports, visas, lodging, transportation and more. Here are a few of mine! Enjoy!

apostle paul book cover~2.jpg
Who Did The Apostle Paul Go To? Gentiles or Israelites?

The Apostle Paul is perhaps the most renowned Apostle in the Holy scriptures. His work and ministry is still quoted, cited and preached about today all over the globe. While he is the most quoted, he is also the most misunderstood and misinterpreted. Just to whom did the Apostle Paul really go to? Gentiles or Israelites?

This book is a comprehensive study reference tool that follows the evangelistic ministry of the Apostle Paul. It starts in the book of Acts; after the resurrection and ascension of the Messiah back into heaven and the creation and formation of the “church,” and breaks down, verse by verse, key verses that speaks to the Most High YAHAWAH’s (YHWH) true plan for the Gentiles; showing just who they really are. 

Israels Holy Feasts Days of the Most Hig
Israel's Holy Feast Days of the Most High

The ancient children of Israel were commanded by the Most High YAHAWAH (or YAHWEH/YHWH)) through his servant Moses, to keep certain Holy Feast Days throughout all of their generations. As descendants of the Israelites, we are commanded by the Most High YAH to keep these feasts throughout all of our generations and dwellings (Exodus 12:14 KJV / Leviticus 23:21 KJV). This book scripturally outlines all of the commanded Holy Feast Days, giving the reader a better understanding of the purpose and how to keep Israel's Holy Feast Days of the Most High.

eBOOK Cover_Wishfully Dreaming_JPG.jpg
Wishfully Dreaming

Jeanine Washington, a young and naive small-town girl, heads off to the ‘Big City’ to fulfill her many dreams after her teenage love Robert, disappears without notice. Once in New York, she learns that there is so much more to life and herself than she ever expected to learn. Will she be able to navigate through career, friendships, and relationships all while keeping her Biblical morals, values, and beliefs? Will the love of her life return and prove to be destiny or a disaster? Will she be able to manage it all, or is she just wishfully dreaming?  (Teen Girls/Young Adult Women)

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