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Free Your Dreams!

What if I told you that your dreams were right above your head? Hanging over you just like a chat bubble? Would you reach up and grab them? Of course you would! That may sound like a dream to you but it could actually be a reality! Many of us have many things that we would love to do but we don't for whatever reason. A lot of times we allow fear, doubt, lack of trust and/or motivation and procrastination to keep us from pursuing the thing(s) that we know we should be doing.

Here's another one, sometimes we say, "I am waiting on God." That is all fine and well and very wise to do; but sometimes God is actually waiting on you! That's right! God is waiting on you to make the move! He's already shared with you what He wants you to do next, now its on you to complete it! Many of us expect God to open the Heavens and speak with a voice of rushing waters every time He speaks to us, but that isn't necessarily how it usually works.

The Most High uses His Holy Spirit to speak gently to us, to guide us in the things and ways that we should go. If you feel an impression upon your heart or mind to call someone and encourage them, to give that homeless person some money or even to pay for the person behind you in line groceries, that may just be the Holy Spirit leading you. That's not to say that every idea that you get is always Him. Sometimes it can be the enemy trying to tempt us into doing something that we know we shouldn't by trying to use our own logic to justify sinful behavior, i.e. "we're already engaged, God won't mind if we go ahead and have sex." Other times it can be our own voice leading us astray by our own lusts, i.e. choosing to settle for and marry the wrong person because we are too impatient to wait for God's best for us. God will never lead you to do something that goes against His Word and commandments, nor anything that would cause your soul to perish and be separated from Him. The way to know the difference between these three voices (God's, ours and Satan's) is through much prayer and time spent with the Most High. Getting away in a secret place to seek the Most High is necessary in being able to truly discern His plan and perfect will for your life. Removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday busyness and the constant comments from the naysayers and/or those who seek to always give you their opinion and advice, is vital. Jesus tells us that, My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me ( John.10:27 KJV).

Following Christ not only deals with how righteously we live our life as it relates to loving Him, our neighbors, praying, worshiping and fasting etc; following Christ means being obedient as well. Samuel tells us in 1 Samuel 15:22 that, it is better to obey than to sacrifice (KJV). When we make time for God, we see that He is more than eager speak to us. In order for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, He needs us! That's right! The Father looks for a person that is willing to be obedient to Him and fulfill His purpose in the land. Christ isn't going to ever walk the face of the Earth in the flesh again, so when He said even greater works shall you [he] do, He meant it ( John 14:12 KJV). If the Most High sees a young man in need of encouragement, a family in need of financial assistance or a struggling youth in need of mentor-ship, He is sending you to complete the mission! Be sensitive to the things that you already have a strong desire for and surrender them up to God in prayer. He will show you how to use them to build and edify the Kingdom and ultimately bring Him glory! Halleluyah!

If you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit through a still quiet voice or gentle suggestions/thoughts that you just can't seem to shake, don't ignore it! Talk to Him about it if you need further clarity and then proceed to manifest it! Free your dreams! Write that book, start that business, sell that house and move to the Caribbean, adopt that child or quit your job and began a food pantry! Whatever it is that you feel the Lord is leading you to do, DO IT! Be obedient! Don't sit on your gifts and talents! Your obedience is almost always directly related to someone else. Someone is waiting for you to be obedient so that they can receive their blessing! If you never purchase that meal, how can the person God intended it for, eat? Make no mistake, God will not allow someone to suffer simply because you aren't doing your job! Just like in the corporate world, He will fire you and find someone else! The show must and will go on! However, remember the voice of Samuel! Better to obey! Don't look at how little time or money you have. Start where you are and God will send those to help build and nurture the desire in you so that they can pass the torch! Someone is waiting for you to begin so that they can finish! So get out there and finish STRONG!

Shalam & Blessings


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