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Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

Wilt thou be made whole? John 5:6 KJV

John 5 verses 1-9 KJV tells the story about the Messiah, Yahawah'shi curing the man at the pool of his ailment by telling him to Arise and walk. This story is exceptional because it speaks to Yahawah'shi's awesome miraculous power as well as to the faith and obedience of the man who at the very command of Yahawah'shi's words, got up and walked. This story can teach us a lot about simply having faith and being obedient.

However, I want to look at it in another light. The scripture tells us that the man had been sitting there for thirty-eight years; yes, 38 years! Although he was healed, to me that doesn't negate the fact of how long he sat. The way I see it, I would ask was there any possible way for him to get into the pool other than waiting for a good Samaritan or a generous, nice, kind fellow to pick him up and place him in once the angel came to trouble the water? Maybe he could have asked someone to place him at the edge of the pool so that when the angel came he could have simply stuck his finger or hand in? Or perhaps, he could have struggled to move himself by dragging himself on his hands and elbows to get to the pool?

Although I am glad that he was eventually healed when the HaMashiach passed by and saw him, but I can't help but think about what if he could have obtained his blessing sooner? Sometimes, if we are not careful we can find ourselves getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. He wanted to be healed but maybe not badly enough to make him get it before thirty eight years passed by! I once heard someone say that change happens when you get angry. When you get fed up with being in bad relationship or at a stressful job, you do something about it. You make a change. Perhaps that man at the pool wanted to be healed but he had a good little spot where he could see all of what was going on throughout the city, it was perfectly shaded during the high sun and he was out of harms way. I'd like to believe that he was comfortable. If he had been in a spot where he was battling the hot African sun, or constantly getting stepped on or walked over, please believe he would have found a way to move.

When the Messiah came to him, he asked him; "Wilt thou be made whole?" By the response of the man, I would presume that he asked him that question in a semi-state of confusion. If we were to put it in today's English, I think it would sound something like this; "Are you ever going to get your healing?" The man's response was; "Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me." Again, in today's English; "I would if I could just get somebody to help me or if they would stop walking in front of me." The people that he said stepped in front of him wanted their healing badly. It wasn't their responsibility to make sure that he got to the pool; it was his own responsibility to make sure he got to the pool. Think about Black Friday in America. If you shop that day, once the doors open you are immediately laser-focused on getting to your desired object. You aren't thinking about who you are stepping in front of and if you take the last item you don't feel guilty. I would liken the pool story to the same scenario.

After walking with YAH for a period of time, we may began to feel comfortable where we are. We know that we are not where we want to be but the journey ahead may seem more daunting than the task of managing where we are. It was easier for the man at the pool to say, "I'll just wait til next time" instead of getting healed all of the many other times the angel came. Are you saying, "I can manage" or "Maybe next time" or "Just one more day" to a blessing that is waiting for you to grab now? The Messiah didn't even respond to the man's excuses, he just simply told him to get up and walk. I see that as the man's blessing being easier to obtain than he thought, if only he had stopped making excuses, if only he had not gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable. Don't manage or make-due in a place that you no longer belong or fit in spiritually or naturally. Get up and walk! Get angry with your situation and change it! Do not make excuses and do not wait thirty eight years (figuratively and literally speaking). If you are uncomfortable with being where you are; be content (at peace or satisfied) until YAH releases you from that season but never get comfortable (physically at ease or relaxed).

Shalom & blessings,

Yahanah Elisabeth

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