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Being firm and unshaken....


There are times in our life when things can become so overwhelming that they seem almost impossible to bear. Those things can be the loud shouts of our doubt, disbelief and fear or sometimes it can be as silent as silence itself. Regardless of how loud or quiet it may be, both are background noise when they are there to hinder the Most High's voice from being heard.

What do you do when you are surrounded by all of this noise ? How do you manage? How do you know what is real and what isn't? Which voice is yours, fear or YAH's? What do you do?

I say to that -- be like a lit match in a dark cave.

We've all seen a movie where the lead character(s) somehow finds themselves trapped or stuck in a dark room, house or a literal cave. They've somehow wandered off track, off of their path and are now having a hard time finding their way back. Soon doubt and fear begins to encompass them as the deadly silence or whispers in their mind and air begins to creep ever so gently up upon them, but somehow, at the right time they find a match; a light, and instantly all of those fears and sounds disappears just as quickly as they came. Suddenly, the deathly grip of silence and darkness isn't so terrifying anymore because now they can see and realize that everything that they thought they saw or didn't see really was only in their imagination.

The light from a tiny match has the power to overcome all of the surrounding darkness. The light from a tiny match has the power to drive away everything that lives and lurks in the dark.

This is how we have to be when we find ourselves facing near impossible situations. When what we see doesn't seem to line up with what we saw -- what we saw in our prayer time through divine visions and/or 'snapshots' of our not so distant future given to us by the Holy Spirit. We must find ourselves like this match. Not just in the since of "being a light in the darkness" but being firm and unshaken.

Whenever you light a match in total darkness, it doesn't matter how much darkness is around, the match will always over power it. It will always overcome whatever is in the darkness. Our faith must be like this match. It must always outshine, overcome and over power all of the negative thoughts, words, feelings and fears that lurk in the "dark." It [our faith] must remain unmovable, unshakeable, impenetrable, steadfast and unstaggering on the promises of YAH.

The small flame that comes from the lit match remains steady from the constant supply of oxygen that it breathes in as its source of life. The breath (nashamah/neshamah) or Spirit (rawach/ruach) of YAHAWAH is our steady oxygen supply that keeps us lit. It is His Promises and word breathed upon us that gives us the steady supply of faith to drown out all of the background noise aka "darkness" that comes when we find ourselves in a trying time or test of our faith. It was the steady breath of faith that kept Noah building and Ark for 120 years, that kept Abraham believing for his heir, the Promised Son Isaac for 25 years, the same breath caused Sara to believe that she would conceive this promised son at 99 years of age -- well after her childbearing years! The same breath that kept Joseph when he was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 12 years! The same breath that keeps us believing that we will one day receive the kingdom and promised land that our enemies currently occupy! No matter how long it takes --- keep believing! No matter how weak we may feel or get --- keep believing!

As long as there is a steady source of oxygen or breath, that flame remains unwavering and unbothered. Regardless of how much more darkness there may relatively be in comparison to the [size of the] flame, it can never and will never override that light that the flame produces.

We must remain steady and rooted in YAH. It doesn't matter how things may appear to look, how impossible they may seem or how much it may seem like there is no way made or out. If YAH said it, He will do it. Just believe Him and do not let the darkness of fear, worry and doubt overcome you. Strike your match and shine baby! Light always overcomes darkness.

Luke 1:37 KJV -- For with God nothing shall be impossible.




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